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About Aicha

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Aicha Smith-Belghaba, the visionary owner and chef behind Esha's Eats, is a culinary artist whose passion for food is deeply intertwined with her heritage and community. With roots in the Mohawk Wolf Clan and Algerian heritage from Six Nations, Aicha's journey is a testament to the power of blending cultures and traditions to create something truly unique.


As the founder of Esha's Eats, Aicha has established a culinary haven that specializes in contemporary Indigenous cuisine. Her mission is not just to impress your taste buds but also to build positivity within communities through the universal language of food. Aicha's approach is deeply rooted in the values of food sovereignty and storytelling, traditions that are central to her identity and the cultures she represents.


Through her entrepreneurial venture, Aicha has honed a diverse skill set that includes promotions, client intake, consultation, contract development, and program development. Her dedication to community engagement is evident in the Indigenous content she creates, designed to educate and inspire. Aicha's presentations are a masterclass in effective and concise communication, reflecting her ability to articulate complex ideas with clarity and passion.


Beyond her culinary expertise, Aicha is a skilled collaborator and team player. Her positive attitude and collaborative spirit make her a valuable asset in any project or initiative. Whether she's working under pressure or navigating the challenges of business pivots, Aicha's resilience and adaptability ensure the success of her endeavours.


Looking ahead, Aicha is eager to expand her reach and impact. Her aspirations include producing content, on-screen talent, teaching classes, public speaking, event and program consulting, and cooking events focused on food sovereignty. Each of these pursuits is driven by her desire to share her knowledge, passion, and culture with the world.


Aicha Smith-Belghaba is more than a chef or a business owner; she is a bridge-builder, a storyteller, and a beacon of positivity. Through Esha's Eats, she continues to weave the rich tapestry of her heritage into every dish, creating not just meals, but experiences that celebrate the diversity and beauty of Indigenous cultures.

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