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Aicha, a beacon of wisdom and resilience, has transcended the realms of personal endeavour to embrace a profound calling rooted in the ethos of truth and reconciliation. As a steward of Indigenous heritage, her vocation as an educational and cultural resource extends far beyond the confines of her immediate community, resonating with individuals across diverse landscapes. Aicha navigates the nuanced tapestry of past injustices and present realities with unwavering grace and purpose Through the transformative medium of culinary tourism and courageous dialogues that navigate the complexities of history and identity.



Cultural sharing is another facet of Aicha's dissemination of knowledge. She has provided a deeper understanding of indigenous culture, history and traditions through engaging educational sessions and story-telling.


Aicha utilizes the powerful tool of cultural tourism as a significant step towards fostering awareness, promoting understanding, and facilitating reconciliation among diverse communities and individuals. By engaging in cultural tourism activities, Aicha not only explores and appreciates the rich tapestry of traditions, histories, and customs of her Indigenous society but also actively contributes to the promotion of mutual respect, and dialogue. Through her commitment to integrating cultural tourism into her endeavours, Aicha plays a vital role in bridging divides.

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Aicha has partnered with Kayanase, among other organizations, to develop a new culinary tourism program. Kayanase is located on Six Nations of the Grand River and is an ecological restoration and native plant and seed business.

HARD DISCUSSIONS: Racism & Colonization

Aicha doesn't shy away from hard topics like racism, the historical weaponization of food and the current necessity and struggle for food sovereignty.

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