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Aicha is an esteemed Media Ambassador who effortlessly captivates audiences with her natural on-camera talent, extensive experience, warm personality, and undeniable presence. With a wealth of experience in front of the camera, Aicha brings professionalism and charm to every interaction. Her ability to connect with viewers and convey messages with authenticity and charisma sets her apart, making her a valuable asset to educate, engage and inspire.


Responsible Tourism Award

The highly esteemed 2023 Regional Tourism Awards, is a platform dedicated to recognizing and celebrating outstanding individuals and businesses that have set the standard for excellence in the Southern Ontario tourism industry. The prestigious Southern Ontario Innovation Awards Gala serves as a beacon of recognition for those who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and innovation. Sustainability is a deciding factor for more and more visitors when choosing their travel experiences. This award recognizes demonstrated innovation from tourism industry partners/organizations leading the way in encouraging sustainable tourism. 


Aicha has a long list of on-camera experience. Some highlights can be seen here:

selfie hands under chin_edited.jpg

Aicha previously worked as an associate producer working with CBC Hamilton as part of the first cohort of CBC's Indigenous Pathways to Journalism program. She uses this platform for content creation on cooking, community and food sovereignty.


Cheekbone Beauty, founded in 2016, was the first indigenous-owned cosmetic company. They have since made it into top cosmetic stores. They featured Aicha on their website seen here:

cbb better.webp

Aicha was a panellist at the Startup Pitch Conference. This was an exciting pitch contest with the top 6 Farm to Table Entrepreneurs. 

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