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Experience a fusion of traditional and contemporary flavours crafted by renowned Chef Aicha Smith-Belghaba, who amalgamates her cultural heritage with technical culinary finesse. With several decades of experience, Aicha has been running her own gourmet culinary business since 2015, delivering exceptional dining experiences to her patrons. Her culinary expertise is a testament to her mastery of cooking, with decades of experience.

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Get ready for a culinary journey with Esha's Eats! Our chef Aicha combines her passion for food with her expertise in the art of cooking to deliver exceptional dishes that showcase the best in dining. From the moment the aromas hit your nose to the last bite, you'll savour every moment of your gourmet meal. With her Honours-Chef de Cuisine Diploma and up-to-date food handling certificates, Aisha is dedicated to providing the highest quality dining experience for everyone.


Aicha goes beyond technical expertise and has nutritional training. Her meal planning is personal and considers both dietary restrictions and requirements. She showcased this when a birthing centre hired her to cook meals for breastfeeding mothers. 

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Aicha started as a caterer for large groups and quickly elevated her services to gourmet dining, constantly striving to enhance her services, providing a more refined gastronomic experience. 


Esha's Eats is Feast On® certified! This means that they meet a stringent set of standards the Culinary Tourism Alliance sets to prove they are committed to sourcing Ontario-grown and raised ingredients. When you dine with Esha's Eats, you know you're getting a genuine taste of local.
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